Nordic Style

Vitamins And Supplements Range NORWAY

NMD asked us to create a new Vitamins and Minerals range for the Norwegian market with a premium and minimalist approach. Positioned under the Vidi Pluss brand, the new range is divided into 3 supplements groups - Vitamins, Minerals and Vitamins/Minerals. We used a radiating, colour-coded, organic shape to differentiate the separate groups whilst also giving a sense of energy, efficacy and 'feel good'. The simple text grid is flexible enough to work across all pack formats and in tandem with the colour graphic successfully delivers an uplifting supplements range.

The total range spans over 10 sku’s.

Packaging Design | Identity

Vidi Pluss band identity for vitamin and mineral packaging range
Magnesium Vidi Plus Vitamins Packaging
Vidi Plus Magnesium Vitamin Packaging
Vidi Plus multi Vitamins Packaging
Vidi Plus multi Vitamins Packaging
Vidi Plus Vitamin C and D Packaging
Vidi Plus Vitamin C Packaging